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Asian Nose Surgery

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Asian Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty is medical word for nose surgery which is the plastic surgery that perform on the nose. Rhinoplasty can also called as a "nose job" . Many people will choose to do nose surgery or nose job for a many reasons, but the goal always is to narrow, shorten, or lower prominent sized noses. This is the opposite for Asian patients,

Normally, the challenge of nose surgery is about enhancing the nose while creating a natural, balanced appearance. Nose surgery must be leadership harmony with the other part of the faces. Though most of rhinoplasty patients want to reduce the size of their nose, Asian patients often want to increase the size of their noses because of the small apperance of their nose.

During the last 3 years, the perception of what is beautiful has changed a lot. In the past, the perception of beauty was a more homogenous look, but the beauty cannot be measured and ethnicities are very unique and beautiful. This has changed the way plastic surgery is performed. Some Asian patients will want a more massed look, but at the same time a proficient surgeon has to maintain a balanced look and harmonize with the other part of the face.

Many ethnic groups have been looking for plastic surgery in during the past three years. Asian people used to be opposed against Rhinoplasty because of the strong cultural taboos against the process. Because of the improvements in cosmetic surgery, the surgeon can preserve ethnic characteristics and improve facial balance.

There is only 20% of the plastic surgery procedures that has been done by racial and ethnic minorities, with Asians account for 4.6% in 2004. Asian nose surgery is one of the very popular plastic surgery choices, alongside with the eyelid procedure. The best material to use in Asian nose surgery is depending on the goals of the patients. If the surgeon knows the goal, the surgeon can recommend the procedure that can give the best results.

In the past, when Asians took nose surgery, they will get the Caucasian appearance. Until recently, Asian rhinoplasty that preserve ethnic differences was now available. Patients want to look younger, better and more beautiful, but also still want to preserve their racial and ethnic roots when taking the surgery changes commensurate Asian rhinoplasty.

Asian Nose Characteristics

  • Heavy, Thick and Sebaceous Skin
  • Deep and Flat Radix
  • Wide and Flat Nasal Bridge
  • The Tip of the nose is Bulbous, Under-Projected, Thick-Skinned, Ptotic, Broad Domes,Abundant Fibrofatty Tissue, and Minimal Definition
  • Short, and Minimal Show (Retracted) Columell
  • The Base of the nose is Wide, Oblique, Thick, and Flaring Nostrils
  • Nasolabial Junction: Retracted and Acute Nasolabial Angle (less than or equal to 90 degrees)
  • Maxilla: Normally Retrusive
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