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The medical term for nose surgery or nose job is rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. Nose surgery can be performed on any part of the nose, to increase or reduce its size, to change the shape and size of the nostrils, bridge or tip of the nose, or to change the angle or slope of the nose. Nose surgery can also help the patient from an accident or birth defect which can solve breathing problems.

There are two main techniques in the procedures of nose surgery:

  • Open Techniques
  • Closed Techniques

Open Technique

The incisions of this technique always stay inside the nose. Nevertheless, one incision made across the nose's nostrils. The skin is then lifted over the nose to let the cartilage structure of the nose to be seen. The doctor will see the cartilage in its nature state and can make the appropriate changes to create more pleasing nose. Some surgeons who prefer this technique talk about the increased exposure which make it easier to see the imbalances and abnormalities. “An advantage with the open technique is you are able to see the way the cartilage sits in its natural state, without the distortion of the pulling in the closed technique,” explained Dr. Nicholas Nikolov, a plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills, Calif. However, it leaves a small permanent scar on the patient across the columella.

Closed Technique

“The closed technique has changed,” said Dr. William Binder, a Los Angeles facial plastic surgeon. Now, with the closed technique, all of the incisions are made inside the nose. Then cartilage is pulled out from the nose and shaped. An proficient surgeon always use this procedure. This technique does not leave any visible scars and make a natural looking nose. The time that used to perform the close technique is less than the open techniques.

How long does nose surgery procedure take?

Most of the procedure will take about one to two hours. If you have more complicated procedure or reconstructive work, it can take longer. Your surgeon can tell you the time in particular case.



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