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Gunter Center for Aesthetics & Cosmetic Surgery

Dallas Nasal Suregry Surgeon 1

Dr. Vincent P. Marin, Dr. Jack P. Gunter, and Dr. C. Spencer Cochran


Name: Jack P. Gunter
Degree: Doctor of Medicine
Board Certified: American Board of Plastic Surgery
American Board of Surgery
Address: 8144 Walnut Hill Lane
Dallas, Texas 75231
Telephone: (214) 369-8123


The Gunter Center is a first-rate plastic surgery center founded by world-renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gunter. Worldwide-recognized as a leader in this field, he assembled a team of great skilled and talented surgeons whose abilities are supreme in accuracy and creativity. His team consists of Dr. C. Spencer Cochran, who specializes in nasal surgery, and Dr. Vincent P. Marin, who specializes in all areas of cosmetic surgery, including facial rejuvenation, liposuction, abdominoplasty, and rhinoplasty.

Dr. Gunter has devoted himself to revolutionary the new techniques of the open technique nose surgery for correcting primary and secondary nose deformities. Dr. Gunter is one of the world’s top specialists in rhinoplasty. He also helps correct the effects of surgery for a lot of patients. Patients around the globe are seeking for him to improve the composition and look of their noses.


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